Knotty Headwrap – FREE Pattern!

I have been actively crocheting for a couple of years now, but in the past several months I have noticed my skills have a taken quite a turn for the better. About damn time!  I’ve been able to free hand a lot of items I create, and have actually made quite a few sales on some of my own designs.

I’ve recently taken a liking to making accessories, especially crocheted headwraps and headbands. I know, your probably thinking, oh what a hot mess this must be, but they’re actually quite adorable and trendy! Crocheting and knitting, as well as other needle work crafts, have made a comeback and I’ve really enjoyed my time crafting, it’s definitely become an addiciton. I’ve always been someone who needs to keep their hands busy, whether it’s biting my nails (gross, I know) or creeping Facebook on my phone; I’ve always got to have my fingers busy and moving. So soon after I began crocheting I felt an amazing sense of peace and calmness while doing it. It helps me think through things that might be bothering me and it relieves my anxiety when I’m having an ‘episode,’ as hubby likes to call it.

I know it sounds like such a “grandma-ish” past time, but it really is increasing in popularity amongst the ‘younger crowd.’ And hey, just because you crochet doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your time making granny squares (even though I totally could, I LOVE granny squares) or that you’ll be sitting in a rocking chair with a hot cup of tea watching figure skating all afternoon. No matter where you go or shop for clothes, you are ultimately bound to come across some article of clothing or accessory that is either knitted or crocheted. It’s still very much a ‘modern’ past time,  and I strongly encourage you to take a swing at it! It is so simple, and once you get a few different stitches down and can comfortably hold your hook and yarn, you’re ready to go, sister!

Anyways, lets get back to the headwraps. These have become such an obsession of mine recently that I can’t stop talking about them, let alone making them. A couple months ago I tried out a pattern I found on Pinterest for some ear warmer headbands and later modified it to fit a style that I liked more. Soon enough, I had about 23 different styles and colors sitting on my craft table. And that’s how my beloved Knotty Headwrap was born. I have an addiction, I can’t help it. Nor do I want to.

Here’s one of my recent favorites:


I originally began making them with a wider band, but soon the weather here took a turn for the better and was now yummy spring temps and sunshine, and I wanted something that wouldn’t make my head so hot and itchy in the warmer weather. So I came up with the above style. And yes, I’m aware, I’m lookin’ pretty hot with my bed head and makeup-less, breakout-ridden face. Bam.

Here’s one of my very first designs:


Still cute, but more for Fall and Winter seasons here in New England.

So what do you think? Crochet is still for grannies? If so, you’re crazy and should get your head checked.

If you want to try making your own, then you are in luck. I *so* selflessly took a break from crocheting to write up a pattern last night. Just. For. You. So give it a try! It takes no more than a half an hour if you’ve already got some experience with crochet. But if you want to learn, I strongly encourage you to hop on over to YouTube land and watch some basic crochet tutorials. That’s how I taught myself, you know!

Click the link below to download my *FREE* Knotty Headwrap Pattern, made for all my lovely fellow hookers to enjoy♡

Have fun! And remember, sharing is caring, and pinning is encouraged. Just promise you’ll be nice and give credit to where it’s due!

Stay cute,
Jess xo


2 thoughts on “Knotty Headwrap – FREE Pattern!

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern…it’s just too darn cute and the perfect spring time accessory. I’m trying to grow my hair out so this is just what I need to keep my unruly curls outta my face;) Thanks again for your kindness!

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